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About Pockwear

Pockwear is more than just fashion. It's a story we're eager to share.

Meet the team behind Pockwear: my father, Cor, and myself, daughter Féline.

It all started when I realized that I always had to choose my outfit based on the question, "Where can I carry my insulin pump?" The existing options didn't offer suitable and stylish solutions. So, I decided to search for a solution myself, and to my surprise, it was closer than I thought.

The basis of the solution began in my teenage years. My grandmother always sewed a pocket onto my underwear so I could carry my insulin pump in it when I wore an outfit without pockets. It was a good temporary solution at the time, but the pocket restricted my movement and the pump easily slipped out. Plus, I didn't find it very stylish since the pump was quite visible in that spot.

As I got older, I started wearing the pump in my groin, under my underwear. It was an ideal place to keep my outfit stylish since the insulin pump was hardly visible. But there was the problem that the pump often fell out, so it wasn't very comfortable either.

So, I thought: this can be different, what if I combine everything? I realized that adding pockets in the right places to these garments would give me the freedom to choose stylish outfits without limitations.

My personal experience led to the concept of practical and stylish underwear with pockets, where the insulin pump can be comfortably worn.

My father was also immediately enthusiastic and driven to help me and others in similar situations; thus began the adventure of Pockwear.

Team Pockwear

Our mission

At Pockwear, it's all about creating a range that makes you feel good all day long. Our collection of (under)wear with functional pockets ensures that you can always carry your essential items with you easily, without compromising on comfort and style.

Our vision

Our ambition is to expand the collection with great care to meet every taste and preference of children, men, and women, with or without diabetes. Each item has its own story, which is functional, comfortable, and stylish in its way. Pockwear wants everyone to feel good, all day long!

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